kitchen remodeling:

You may have many reasons for remodeling your kitchen. Because the space is too small, there is little functionality, its look is not trendy anymore, or you’ve just come across great ideas from profs or maybe you’ve got one or two yourself?

No matter what your reason is, you should know there are many ways you can remodel your kitchen in, like pulling and replacing, cosmetic makeover, or custom renovation.

As the name suggests, a pull-and-replace of a kitchen implies leaving the floor plan the same, but replacing the old stuff like the cabinets, countertops, sink and faucet, flooring, or appliances with modern ones. By leaving the footprint of your kitchen unchanged, not redirecting plumbing and electrical will save you a lot of money. So, this type of remodeling is budget-friendly and gives your kitchen a fresh and modern look.

factors to consider when updating your kitchen

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  • Flooring: you can choose among hardwood, laminate, bamboo, cork, vinyl, linoleum, tile, or other materials but you should consider carefully for the pros and cons of each. Hardwood is timeless, and if you choose tiles, consider bigger ones, as they are trendy today, even for small kitchens
  • Lighting: pendant lights, a halogen track light system, or built-in undercabinet lighting are options you can consider.
  • Cabinets: replacing or updating your kitchen cabinetry not only gives fresher look to you kitchen but also can increase its functionality. Convert kitchen cabinets to open shelving. You can make your kitchen visually appear larger by removing upper cabinets. Pullout cabinets and pullout spice racks are becoming very popular as they stay organized and maximize space
  • Countertops: choosing the right countertops for your kitchen depends not only on your artistic taste but also on how you are going to use them. If you have a high level of activity in your kitchen, then granite, corian, concrete and stainless steel should be your top choices. If you more consider the artistic side, you can choose between a mosaic or recycled glass countertop. Other top trends include quartz, textured finishes, veining countertops with neutral tones.


Cosmetic kitchen makers

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The other type of remodeling your kitchen is cosmetic makeover, another budget-friendly option. You can undertake cosmetic makeover if you don’t want to change your kitchen layout and you are concerned more with the look of the kitchen rather than with its functionality. Changes are applied to the countertops, colors, hardware, and fixtures, rather than cabinetry.

Finally, if you want serious updates for your kitchen, you should consider custom renovation solutions that can include layout change, additions to increase counter or storage space, altering electrical layout, lighting, and plumbing, shifting windows and/or doors, sealing, painting, etc. Of course this is a more expensive undertaking than a pull-and-replace or a cosmetic makeover of a kitchen. But in the long run kitchen remodels increase property value and offer a significant return on investment.


finding professionals

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When you have decided on the type of your kitchen remodeling according to your needs and budget, it’s time to turn to professionals, especially if you are planning a large and complicated project (remodeling a kitchen can take a few weeks or months and requires talent and investment to complete). You might need a general contractor or a remodeler, cabinet installers, appliance specialists, plumbers, electricians and an interior designer or a kitchen designer, an engineer and/or an architect. An architect will draw up plans for your design, usually with a computer-aided model, will ensure the project specifications are safe and up to code when you are planning significant alterations to the interior or exterior of your kitchen.